About Us

Who We Are

Bridger Gear is a bold NEW brand based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, informally nicknamed as "Bridgerland." Our team believes you don't have to look far to find adventure, which is why so much of our branding is inspired by the nature that surrounds us here in Northern Utah!

The Maguire Primrose, found in our logo, is just one example of how our own backyard has influenced our team. This endangered flower can only be found on the cliffs of Logan Canyon. It's rare but the sight of it sparks joy to locals, rock climbers, and hikers alike! At Bridger Gear, we hope to capture the unique personality of the little “primula maguirei” and share it with the world; sparking joy to all passersby. We know through our products you'll find colors, styles, and designs that inspire you to find and spread joy in unique ways!



What We Do

Here at Bridger Gear, we value design. We've curated a product line that portrays function, durability, and current global trends. Our team of creators are adding color and design to the outdoor recreation industry and our Bridger Gear Community is bringing it to life! We can't wait to see where you take us!


Our Team

Hi! We're Evan, Olivia, Sky and Jack. We've been working together for a couple of years now, honing in and brainstorming the best ways to bring new outdoor products to life and connect with YOU - our vibrant, adventure loving outdoor community.

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Bridger Gear
1023 W 800 N, Ste 101
Logan, UT 84321