Our Logo

The Maguire Primrose

Our branding is centered around the extremely rare primrose that only grows in a specific canyon located in the heart of Bridgerland. It is often found (by rock climbers and hikers) happily clinging to the cliff face high above the ground. This small flower is cherished by locals because of the shared love and adoration for their home, the Rocky Mountains. As you hang in your Bridger Gear hammock, we want you to feel as wild and free as our little purple neighbor.


Our Motto

The Outdoors Is For Everyone!

At Bridger Gear, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors. That's why we made a product for all outdoor lovers - from the seasoned hammockers to the outdoor newbies - the Empyrean Hammy Pack comes with everything you need to enjoy nature wherever you are! Just Add Trees!


Our Product

Why Is Our Bag Called The Empyrean?

Meaning sky or highest heavens, the Empyrean will make you feel like you are on a boat sailing through the air. Our signature design is the easiest system to carry and set up, meaning that you are spending more time hanging and less time fiddling with equipment. When you are finished, stuff the hammock away and walk the streets in a fashionable cross-body bag.